Why Take Music

Taking a music class at University High School has become more than just a class to gain artistic credits; it has become an opportunity to make new friends and to be part of a community, hundreds of members large.

Seasonal Concerts

Each year, the orchestra program puts on four concerts: the Winter, Spring, and Pop's Concert, and Festival. Each of these concerts is free; and the Winter, Spring, and Pop's concerts have a free reception that follows.

Orchestra Student Organization

Throughout the year, the Orchestra Student Organization (OSO), the student-run orchestra club, holds several events, raising money for the orchestra program while allowing students to bond outside of school.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Composer, Pianist

Orchestra Placement Results 2015-2016

Last Name First Name Instrument Placement Current School
Abassi Delara violin concert Uni
Ahn Jessica violin concert Uni
Baik Katherine bass string rancho
Behpoor Bita Viola string Rancho San Joaquin
Bokil Ayush violin string south lake
Bui Tuongvi violin concert rancho
Caguioa Ariana violin concert our lady of
Cesario Amanda violin string south lake
Chae Allison violin symphony Uni
Chamberlain Alexandria violin string south lake
Chang Marina viola concert rancho
Chang Alison violin symphony Uni
Chawla Rohan bass concert south lake
Chen Coco violin concert Uni
Chen Yunpo violin concert Uni
Chen Hanlin viola symphony Uni
Chen Heidi violin symphony Uni
Chen Phil violin symphony Uni
Cheng Nicholas violin concert rancho
Cheng Jocelyn viola symphony Uni
Chi Carter cello string Uni
Chia Faith violin concert rancho
Chiu Andrew violin symphony Uni
Cho Soobin violin concert uni
Cho Kevin viola symphony Uni
Chong Kelly violin concert rancho
Chung Yoojin viola Concert Uni
Chung Alex cello symphony Uni
Cranston Dillon violin concert Uni
Cyrua Neeyaz viola Concert rancho
Dang Kevin bass concert rancho
Dong Angela violin concert Uni
Duran Karina violin concert Uni
Fan Grace cello Concert vista verde
Fan Shannon violin concert rancho
Fan Yuchen viola concert Uni
Fruman Maddie violin symphony Vista Verde
Fu Aaron violin concert rancho
Gailiun Nana cello string vista verde
Gallardo Maxwell violin concert Uni
Gallardo Ulysses violin string Uni
Ghanshani Arpna violin concert rancho
Gheibi Bita violin string Uni
Gnanashanmugam Srilekah bass concert Uni
Gooding Charlie viola concert Lincoln Middle School
Gui James cello symphony Uni
Guo Shiyuan Viola concert uni
Gupta Anushka violin Concert Uni
Gupta Rithwik violin concert Uni
Han Chelsea violin symphony Uni
Hariharan Adithya violin string Uni
Heffes Yarin viola concert south lake
Heston Alyssa violin string south lake
Hirano Kevin violin string south lake
Hong Hansol (Andy) violin symphony Uni
Huang Jonathan violin concert Uni
Huang Serena violin symphony Uni
Huang (21115) Jonathan violin symphony Uni
Hung Eric Violin string Uni
Hutchinson Kiley Cello string Uni
Hwang Kevin violin concert rancho
Im Justin violin concert south lake
Jang Michelle violin symphony Uni
Jha Isha violin concert vista verde
Jiang Lan violin symphony Uni
Jin Kevin violin symphony Uni
Juan Anthony cello concert Uni
Kang Dlllon violin concert Uni
Kang Hahn cello concert rancho
Kang Sarah cello symphony Uni
Kannan Lakshmi bass concert Uni
Ki Soojung cello Concert rancho
Kim Ashley Viola concert Woodbridge High School
Kim Minsoo viola concert Uni
Kim Celine violin string Uni
Kim Austin bass symphony Uni
Kim Hannah cello symphony Uni
Kim Kevin violin symphony Uni
Ko Brandon violin concert Uni
Krishnam Neha violin string Uni
Ku Harrison violin symphony Uni
Kuenaman Dylan violin concert Uni
Kulshrestha Rashmika violin string south lake
Kurniawan David viola concert rancho
Kurniawan Ryan violin symphony Uni
Kuwahara Mayu violin symphony Uni
Kwon Justin violin concert rancho
Le Nicholas cello concert rancho
Lee Calvin violin concert rancho
Lee Karis cello string vista verde
Lee Jessica violin symphony Uni
Lee Jinwoo viola symphony Jeffrey Trail Middle School
Lee (19861) Calvin violin symphony uni
Lien Justin cello concert rancho
Lien Jonathan cello symphony Uni
Lin Albert Violin concert Rancho San Joaquin
Linsangan Gelina Violin symphony Uni
Liu Patrick cello Concert Venado
Lo Nelson cello concert Uni
Logantha Mahek viola concert Uni
Lorkalantari Yasaman violin string Uni
Lu Debbie violin concert Uni
Lu Dylan violin concert vista verde
Lu Allison cello symphony Uni
Ma Albert viola string Uni
Ma Alex viola string Uni
Malhotra Tristan bass symphony Uni
Malkani Alisha viola concert Uni
Mariano Chelsea violin symphony Uni
Masournian Hatef violin concert Uni
Morgan Jasmin violin string Uni
Nawa Wendy Violin string rancho
Nguyen Bryan bass concert Uni
Nguyen Angela viola string south lake
Nguyen Cassidy violin string south lake
Nguyen Mackhai violin string Uni
Ni Anton violin concert Jeffrey Trail Middle School
Nisha-Anish Abi violin concert rancho
Ogawa Mira viola concert rancho
Okamoto Emily violin concert Uni
Otarlo Ieeshiah viola concert Uni
Ouyang Elysia violin symphony Uni
Panditha Kaveen violin string Rancho Middle School
Park Jennifer cello Concert rancho
Park Alice cello symphony Uni
Park Jean violin symphony Uni
Park Peter viola symphony Uni
Parsa Ariana viola concert Uni
Patel Ishana violin concert Uni
Patel Anushi violin string Uni
Patel Anushka cello concert Uni
Patel Devan violin symphony Uni
Phan William cello concert vista verde
Pink Isabella cello string Uni
Pinskinsoy Deniz cello string Uni
Pirzadeh Ida violin string rancho
Ramsy Nicole cello concert Uni
Rascon Melina viola concert Uni
Renaud Xander viola concert Uni
Rhee Eugene viola symphony Uni
Rhee Mina viola symphony Uni
Rho Tyler violin symphony Uni
Rotondo Adam cello string vista verde
Roy Andrea Cello concert Plaza Vista
Sabha Tara piano string south lake
Schrage Zackary violin concert rancho
Selvakumar Harshini bass string rancho
Seo Phillip cello symphony Uni
Serpas Yaseen violin string south lake
Shang Ian viola Concert rancho
Shaw David violin symphony Uni
Shen Angel violin concert Uni
Shih Steven violin string Rancho
Shih Alex violin symphony Uni
Shim Sarah viola symphony Uni
Shin Ha Ram (Harry) violin concert Uni
Shoushtari Daniel Talebzadeh violin string south lake
Shrestha Maya violin concert rancho
So Teagan violin concert rancho
Son Frankie violin concert rancho
Son Robert bass symphony Uni
Soto-Dessen Kai cello symphony Uni
Sui Benjamin cello concert Uni
Sun Kevin violin concert Uni
Sung Katharine violin concert Uni
Takeuchi Tomoka bass symphony Uni
Tan Jeffrey bass symphony Uni
Tang Monica violin concert Autrey Middle School
Trinh Alina violin concert rancho
Tseng Jennifer violin concert Uni
Tsutsumi Kenjiro viola symphony Uni
Vengataganesh Harini violin concert rancho
Wang Sam violin concert rancho
Wang Sean violin concert Uni
Wu Colin viola concert Uni
Xu Ashley violin concert Uni
Xu Dingyuan (Victor) violin concert Uni
Xu Eric violin concert Uni
Yamazaki Yuki violin concert Uni
Yang Ashley viola concert Uni
Yang Nadine violin concert Lakeside Middle School
Yang Vanessa viola symphony Uni
Yoo Daniel cello symphony Uni
Yoon Jihee violin symphony Uni
Zhang Kelly violin string Uni
Zhao Amy violin concert Uni
Zhao Yun (Raina)  violin symphony Uni
Zhong Amy Viola concert Rancho
Zhou Isabelle bass concert Uni
Zhou Andrew viola symphony Uni
Zi Jessie viola string Uni
Zou Joshua viola concert vista verde


New Student Audition Sign Up

8th Grade/New Student Audition Sign Ups for 2015-2016

Interested in joining the nationally recognized UHS Orchestra Program in the Fall 2015? Sign up for an audition to be placed in String Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, or Symphony Orchestra!
Please click HERE to sign up for an audition time/date.  You will receive an email with your audition time/date from Mrs. Lee by the end of February.  Audition excerpts will be available the by the end of February.   If you are currently enrolleed in your orchestra program at Rancho, Vista Verde or South Lake Middle School then your audition will take place during orchestra class time at your middle school.
If you know anyone else that is interested in joining the program, please share this link with them as well! 
Mrs. Lee
Orchestra Director
University High School

Orchestra Placement Auditions at Rancho, Vista Verde and South Lake Middle School

Orchestra placement auditions for prospective Uni students currently enrolled in Rancho's orchestra program will be on Wednesday, April 22nd during orchestra class time at Rancho Middle School.

Orchestra placement auditions for prospective Uni students currently enrolled in Vista Verde's orchestra program will be on Tuesday, April 21st during orchestra class time at Vista Verde Middle School.

Orchestra placement auditions for prospective Uni students currently enrolled in South Lake's orchestra program is tentatively set on Monday, April 20th during orchestra class time at South Lake Middle School.

If you are currently not enrolled in your middle school's orchestra program or attend a different middle school than the ones mentioned above then please sign up for an audition that will take place at Uni by clicking HERE.

Thank you!

-Mrs. Lee

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Upcoming Events

School Begins: 
Wednesday, September 5th

Make-Up Auditions:
September 5th & 6th

Contact Us

Orchestra Director
Grace Lee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gerry Linsangan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.